I was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1967. Living in a small town called Kerava, I grew up dreaming of some day becoming an archeologist, architect or an artist. I collected stones finding a bit of gem in every specimen, read enthusiastically about the life of Akhnaton and ‘studied’ Egyptian mythology, drafted blueprints of imaginary houses with indulgent sound-proofed disco rooms.

And most of all – I drew and painted every chance I got.

In 1987, I finished upper secondary school and wound up expressing my creativity and inherited musicality (thanks, mum and granddad!) through deejaying in clubs and at a local radio station. I had two shows: Real Groove specialising in bringing the latest in soul and funk, and Saturday Night Fever for general crowd-pleasing.

Music would have definitely evolved into a long-lasting career for me, had it not been for the casual daytime job as a teacher substitute in my old school. My previous teachers weren’t shy in praising my art-related achievements that had even brought a burst of fame for the school. Thus, art and design were in the top of my mind when the late nights in smokey clubs watching drunken people week after week got me wanting a proper education. I gathered my drawings, paintings and ideas and decided to apply for a place in Graphic Artist class in Vantaa Institute of Arts & Crafts. I got in and never looked back.

Now, 20+ successful years on, I’m happy to say I’m still doing what I’ve always loved: coming up with creative ideas, helping make them happen and watching them work.